My name is Raj Karki, I was born and live in Nepal. I started this journey of growth and better life since my early teen years, in one form or other.

Being passionate about Personal Development and Growth, I have tried many things, read many things and obviously learnt many things. And here I am, but I still believe there is much more things to learn, read and practice in life.

Ever since my early teen years, I tried for creating a sustainable and life improving habits and practice. So, since then I tried many things and many different approaches. Along the way I have failed many times than I can remember.

Fast forward to 2016, I was at the peak of depression, anxiety, hopelessness and many different psychological problems. I was burnt out due to running for overseeing the construction of my house in a new place 50 KM away from the place I live, I had to go there daily, walk kilometers and kilometers of distances in hot scorching summer. I had abandoned my exercising habits, meditating habits, journaling habits, I was burnt out. Things were difficult. I was even suffering from suicidal thoughts. I was at 0 level.

After the 1st Year exam of Bachelor, I slowly started getting back on track, I started autosuggestion to develop the mental attitude and to programme my mind, I started exercising with some Push Up and Sit ups and also started meditation. It was may be September of 2016.

Ever since, I have exercised, meditated and bathed daily. Along the way I also added various habits to my morning rituals.

After about 6 months or so, I wanted to run, along the way I also wanted to help my friends and people around me to run. And today that idea has evolved to become this “Running for LIFE Journey”.