I always wanted to develop a habit of running. So, after some trials and errors in the past, I started running in 2017/03/28. And along the way, I also wanted to help other to run. So, after 1 years of experimentation and patience, I created this Running for Life Program.

These are the Daily Routine of my first 1 Year of Running Journey.

Day 1st – 7th

Day 8th – 14th

Day 15th – 21st

Day 22nd – 28th

Day 29th – 60th

Day 61st – 90th 

Day 91st – 135th 

Day 136th – 180th

Day 181st – 225th

Day 226th – 270th

Day 271st – 315th

Day 316th – 360th

Day 361st – 405th

Day 406th – 450th

Day 451st – 495th

Day 496th – 540th

Day 541st – 550th

To view my daily running time and duration of first 1 Year, click here:  Running Time

You can also Watch my Videos here: YouTube Channel